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Holistic Telemedicine - How We're Different

With the increased risk of contracting COVID-19 by leaving home, telemedicine has become both popular and necessary. While there are a variety of medical practices offering telemedicine services, we wanted to bring your attention to the differences between traditional telemedicine and, our specialty, holistic telemedicine.

The differences between holistic and traditional telemedicine

'Seeing' a doctor

One large difference between holistic and traditional telemedicine is that of access to a physician. Many medical practices are offering virtual consultations; however, they are often not offering video appointments nor are they offering the opportunity for the patient to speak with a doctor. Some of these practices are using artificial intelligence to assist patients with their concerns, while others simply have a doctor review the patient's symptom list and then attach a diagnosis. All of this is done without the doctor ever seeing the patient's face. At Gesundheit Carolina, our patients are truly seen by Dr. Herbert, either through Zoom or FaceTime. While the symptom response sheet is necessary to address specific concerns, this appointment is a time for the patient and doctor to work together as partners in the healing process. This technique is referred to as Integrative Medicine and is a technique that is used in all of our appointments.


When using telemedicine, it is often difficult to see the same doctor each time. By scheduling an appointment with Gesundheit Carolina, patients are guaranteed to see the same doctor and communicate with the same staff members each time. This allows for efficient communication, getting patients the help they need quickly.

Preventative care

Prevention is important in all aspects of health and even more so during a pandemic. Traditional telemedicine is often used for acute care, which means that a patient has to have a current concern to schedule an appointment. Gesundheit Carolina offers Functional Medicine appointments in an attempt to keep patients from needing acute care. Dr. Herbert works with patients to develop personalized care plans which can include herbal medicines and nutrients that help boost the immune system.

Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Herbert. We will work with you to determine whether telemedicine suits your needs at this time.

At Gesundheit Carolina, your wellness is our priority.

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