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Bettina Herbet, MD, Gesundheit Carolina

Your Bridge To Wellness

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Gesundheit Carolina

 A Medical Practice Focused on Wellness

Gesundheit Carolina

is a medical practice that has grown through the consolidation of Dr.Bettina Herbert's previous two practices,

Hands-On Medicine and

Functional Medicine Associates.

"The best doctor you never heard of..."

Prevention Magazine on

Cranial Osteopathy

Gesundheit, the German word for good health, or a state of wellness, is the guiding principle of Gesundheit Carolina and ... it is much more than wishing people well when they sneeze. The American equivalent is saying "bless you."


Gesundheit Carolina is a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary practice that recognizes that each therapy must be carefully matched to the unique needs of each patient.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in a good medical practice.  Dr. Bettina Herbert is an AMA Board Certified physician, with extensive experience and credentials in Functional Medicine (certified 2013), Integrative Medicine (trained in Dr. Andrew Weil's fellowship, board certified), Environmental Medicine, tick-borne disease (Lyme), Osteopathic (cranial) manipulation, botanical medicine and nutrition.

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation to find out if we can be your bridge to wellness. 


Good health is nothing to sneeze at!

No two people are the same.  Each of us has our strengths and vulnerabilities. We aren't even the same day to day.  

Because we are so complex, Gesundheit Carolina recognizes that no two patients will respond the same to a particular medical therapy.

The goal at Gesundheit Carolina is to use medical practice as a bridge to wellness, not an on-ramp to a lifetime of prescriptions.

Become a Gesundheit Carolina Patient

First consultation

If you would like to schedule a complimentary phone interview, please let us know and we'll be delighted to answer your questions.

New Patient intake form

An intake form will be sent to your email or FAX per your preference. 


Our patient advocate will take your completed form and, by phone, make a custom timeline for you that starts to show causes of and effects on your current health concerns.

schedule first appointment

When your timeline is complete, an appointment can be scheduled. 

Location + Contact

Primary Office:


Gesundheit Carolina

852 Lowcountry Blvd. 

Suite 102, Box 3

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Consultation Office:


Gesundheit Carolina

331 E Main Street

 Suite 200

Rock Hill, SC 29730



Our office hours are by appointment. Please call ahead if you would like to stop by. We look forward to meeting you!

Phone: 843-929-1634 (call or text)

Fax: 843-402-8204 

To schedule a complimentary pre-appointment evaluation call with Dr Herbert, use this button.

For anything else, please use the form below.

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